Sweaters and Satan
Not as serious as it looks

Congratulations, you've found the eighth circle of hell. Have a sweater.

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Anonymous asked:
»ballet!lock fucking rugby!John into the mattress so good that practice is difficult the next day for the captain«


hell fuckigbbrah hell fickig yeha


john absolutely rocking sherlock’s entire world in bed is important to me


Johnlock WIP


pre serum steve is so cute and tiny. i want to see his ass get pounded


As a professional internet, it’s my job to search the web for quality, intellectually stimulating content. Like this.

mary:  john why did i find your wedding ring in the trash
john:  idk why did you shoot my bestfriend


person : why do you draw everything facing left in 3/4 view

me : im a right handed mediocre artist 


The dapper Benedict Sea Cucumberbatch

(Inspired by this Comic Con weekend)


My favorite haiku that doesn’t really qualify as a haiku but I still like to call it a haiku

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wolverine fisting you when suddenly

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